March 2019 Election

The Village’s annual election will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2019.  This election is for incorporated Tequesta residents only.

  • Council Seat 2, currently held by Abby Brennan is unopposed
  • Council Seat 4, currently held by Thomas Paterno is opposed by resident Kyle Stone

This is an important election in that the current Council is asking residents to change the Charter to reduce the minimum number of votes in favor of appointing or removing the Village Manager.  Currently, the Charter requires a super-majority vote – meaning it takes four votes rather than three (a majority) to hire and/or fire the manager.  Additionally, Council would like to require a 30 day notice be given to the Village Manager prior to Council having discussion or taking action on his/her removal.  Council believes these Charter Amendments would help streamline the manager search process and, in an unfortunate situation, the removal of the manager if necessary.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the sample ballot prior to going to the polls.  

Polling Locations    

Precincts 1112, 1116 and 1118
Village Council Chambers
345 Tequesta Drive

Precincts 1078 and 1088
Parks and Recreation Center
399 Seabrook Road

Precinct 1094
Parks and Recreation Center
399 Seabrook Road

If you are unsure where you should vote, you can use the “Precinct Finder” on the Supervisor of Elections webpage to locate your polling location - https://www.pbcelections.org/precinctfinder.aspx

If you have questions regarding the municipal election, please contact the Village Clerk’s Office at 561-768-0440.

See you at the polls!

VOT Vote

Council Members and Terms

Council Member Seat Term
Council Member Vince Arena Seat 1 March 2018-March 2020
*Mayor Abby Brennan Seat 2 March 2017-March 2019
Council Member Laurie Brandon Seat 3 March 2018-March 2020
*Vice-Mayor Tom Paterno Seat 4 March 2017-March 2019
Council Member Kristi Johnson Seat 5 March 2018-March 2020
* All five members are elected by the residents of Tequesta to serve as Council Members.  Each year during the Council Reorganization meeting, Council elects a member of the Council to serve as the Mayor and a member to serve as the Vice-Mayor for the period of one year.