Living with Coyotes

The attached is a brochure produced by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and the University of Florida.

Living with Urban Coyotes

Myths about coyotes

  • Coyotes are extremely dangerous:


There have been very few reported cases of Eastern coyotes biting people. The coyote’s innate fear of humans tends to keep them from getting too close

  • Coyotes are a new problem:


Coyotes have been in Florida for many years and will continue to make their homes around the state. This medium-sized predator is extremely adaptable, thriving in urban, suburban and rural areas.

  • Coyotes need our help to survive:


People like to feed animals. However, by providing a “free lunch” for coyotes, you eliminate their natural fear of humans and increase their populations. Remember … a fed coyote causes problems. Keep ‘em wild!

  • Coyotes can be totally eliminated:


Removing coyotes is an inefficient and ineffective method to control populations. They compensate by increasing litter size and new coyotes move into areas where others have been removed. Populations can quickly return to original size.

If you are experiencing coyote problems, please contact FWC’s Wildlife Alert at 888-404-3922 or your nearest FWC regional office:
West Palm: 561-625-5122